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Beehler manufactures hinges and glove box components for Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers. 

Commercial Vehicles

Beehler has been a manufacturer of metal components for commercial trucks and buses for decades. Beehler understands that truck and bus applications typically face more demanding conditions than automotive industry applications. Our engineers work with our customers to design and manufacture durable parts to meet their demanding requirements.



Beehler produces internal and external components for electrical enclosures. The Company manufactures hardware, such as hinges, latches and handles, as well as assembled components like circuit breaker parts, clips and brackets. Parts can be produced to meet RoHS compliance and materials include steel, copper and brass.


Beehler proudly serves its military and defense customers with precision metal parts and on-time delivery. The Company is accustomed to meeting military specifications and other industry standards. Our experience in the military and defense industries includes prototyping, die stamping, tool building and maintenance and many other services.


Tool Boxes

Beehler has been a manufacturer of hinges, hardware and metal components to the toolbox, case and foot locker industries since its founding in 1886. The Company offers a wide range of custom products that includes various hinges, handles, latches, strikers and other components unique to enclosures.


Beehler produces engineered stampings and fabrications to a wide variety of industries. With over a century of metal stamping and fabrication experience, Beehler has developed diverse technical knowledge and engineering abilities that add value to our customers.

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